Saturday 13 March 2021


The past 12 months have seen lots of people walking and cycling through the park. We've not been able to run our usual events but hope to have at least a litter pick sometime this year.

Thank you to all who regularly clear up litter, left especially around the playground.

Our noticeboard next to the Inkerman Cottages entrance was damaged, we have attempted to repair it but despite attempting to seal it damp is still getting in. We are now laminating the display sheets.

We hope to refurbish the noticeboard near Manor Road/Rockingham Close.

If you have any spare bags for dog poo please leave them in the three dispensers we have near the park entrances.

Unfortunately there has been some anti social behaviour, loud music and swearing. The police are aware and do occasionally visit the park but if you see anything please report it by dialling 101 or via the Derbyshire Police website. It is only if incidents are reported that the police start to visit.

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